Kiwis Cotton Mill

        Kiwis Cottspin Mill, established in 2005 has a capacity of 18,000 spindles. The mill has a complete range of state of the art spinning machinery including the latest generation  from TRUTZSCHLER- Germany, RIETER- Switzerland, LMW- Coimbatore and MURATEC- Japan.

        The latest generation of Blow Room lines connected to the cards with Chute Feed System, blow room, cards and combers fitted with automatic waste collection system , Auto Leveller Draw Frames and Spinning Frames. The mill is also equipped with complete range of testing equipments.


As the quality of the cotton determines the quality of yarn we at Kiwi Cottspin take care to maintain consistently rich raw material mix throughout the year. Hence we procure the best of Sankar-4 cotton from selected modernized ginning factories in Gujarat, with whom we have an excellent business relationship.

Elimination of Contamination

To supply contamination free yarns along with trained workers to blendomet area. We have installed both Securoprop SP-FPU and VETAL Contamination

Blow Room

Gentle opening of tufts combined with continuous cotton storage in eight compartments for the perfect sandwich blending with right aerodynamic principle provides excellent results. The Blowroom machines are connected with automatic waste evacuation system, safety systems like fire alarm and fire diversion.


We give total conformance to nominal count with microcomputer control for quality and production by doing intensive cleaning with excellent fiber orientation system, especially for the removal of Seed coat fragments, Trash, Neps and Micro dust. All the carding machines are connected with automatic waste evacuation system, safety systems like fire alarm and fire diversion.


To ensure highest quality and economy of the end product, good combing process is of vital importance. RIETER E66 & E65 combers ensure this through excellence in short fibre removal, cleaning, ensuring constant sliver quality.


Effective Roving preparation with low stretch for consistent high quality yarn. Having SKF PK 1500 and pk 1600 drafting system with positive clearers and overhead traveling cleaners. Electro Pneumatically controlled builder motion ensures accurate shifting of cone drum belts,  thereby assists in uniform roving quality.


LMW Model LR6S 170 mm lift, Novibra HP68 spindles  capable for maximum spindle speed of  22,000 rpm. P3-1 double apron drafting system for highest drafts and outstanding quality of yarn. with innovation in spinning elements and is dedicated to "spinning value" for the customer.


We have installed Latest Auto cone winder 21C  model from M/s. MURATEC, JAPAN equipped with latest USTER Quantum II Electronic yarn clearers and Siro Clearers with foreign fiber / contamination removal channels.


        Our Spinning Mill installed with 18000 spindles capacity which manufactures around 14 tons of combed and semi combed cotton yarns per day. These produced cotton yarn mainly used for our own Garment manufacturing  and  International market.


         We specialize in production of 100% combed cotton hosiery yarns. The Mill traditionally makes quality counts between Ne 18s to 40s. Strong brand image is established in major knitting centre in Tirupur and  25% of the production is exported to Far East & European countries.


        As per customer requirement we can supply all kinds of combed and semi combed grey knitted fabric like Rib, Interlock and Single Jersey.







Cotton Combed Yarn

Ring Spun

Ne 18s count to 40s count

T-Shirts, Sports wear, Kids wear, Casual wear, Night wear.


Cotton Karded Yarn

Ring Spun

Ne 18s count to 40s count

T-Shirts, Sports wear, Kids wear, Casual wear, Night wear.


 Cotton Combed &

Karded Knitted Grey Fabric

Ring Spun

Ne 18s count to 40s count

T-Shirts, Sports wear, Kids wear, Casual wear, Night wear.


        Our commitment to deliver quality products has made us remain to the standards from the very initial stage that is raw material selection, followed by various procedures adopted during the process of production we are able to deliver the final product that exceed our customers expectations and satisfactions.

YARNS - Quality Raw Material




Fineness (micronaire)

Strength (gm/tex)


Shankar 6





YARNS - Operations

        The unique combination of man and machine, competing and supplementing each other with continuous increase in productivity has enable KIWI to showing ripe the fruit of economies of scale and process variety of raw material required for variety of end products to textile.
Our Evennes Results fall in 5% to 25% of Uster standards,
 achieved through

Proper selection of Raw Material

World class Pre-spinning & Spinning Facilities

Technical Know How

Human Skills

100% Quality Assurance System

YARNS - Care for Contamination

Complete solution for contamination
Supervised Ginning

Hand Sorting

Securoprop SP-FPU

Contamination Channels in Auto coner

YARNS - Yarns Testing

        CSP System to automatically record count wise yarn strength, Yarn Appearance Analyser Board to visually examine thin, thick, neps cloudiness in yarn.
  • Fibre Analysis(AFIS, HVI-900 series)
  • Yarn Evenness(USTER UT4)
  • Yarn classimat(USTER-CLASSIMAT- 3)
Quality Assurance Lab

        We have set very high quality parameters and we monitor that the outgoing yarn strictly matches with the standards.


        100% Assurance to maintain zero defective cones is ensured by every cone being inspected visually and also under UV Lamp before packing. Also entire lot is maintained with same quality parameter.